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Joseph-Knew-Cheif-JosephIn 1877 the respected leader of the Nez Perce tribe surrendered to the U. S. Government. At his surrender, Chief Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain (known by his Christian name Joseph), presented General Nelson Appleton Miles with a pendant, a 1 inch square clay tablet with writings unrecognizable to General Miles. The writing, which was translated by Dr. Robert D. Biggs, Assyyriology Professor at the University of Chicago, turned out to be a sales receipt dating back to 2042 B.C. in Assyria. It read:

“Nalu received 1 lamb from Abbashaga on the 11th day of the month of the festival of An, in the year Enmahgalanna was installed as high priestess of Nanna.” Joseph-Knew-Cheif-Joseph-Tablet

Chief Joseph said the tablet had been passed down in his family for many generations. How would his family come into possession of a nearly 4,000-year-old tablet? According to the Chief, they inherited it from their white ancestors.

Other tablets with an Assyrian connection have been found throughout North America. A tablet similar in size and appearance to The Chief Joseph tablet was found in 1963 in northwestern Georgia near the Chatahoochee River. Like the Chief Joseph tablet, this one was a receipt for the sale of sheep and goats that were to be used in a ceremonial sacrifice. Joseph-Knew-Hearn-TabletFrom other information contained on the tablet, it appears to have been created in 2040 B.C. One difference is the Georgia tablet was made of lead.

When Chief Joseph surrendered to General Miles, he had the tablet in his medicine bag. That bag was itself an interesting connection to Ancient Assyria.

In an April, 2001 article published in Assyria Times, Benjamin Daniali points out a connection between an Assyrian symbol known as the Ashur Star and the design on Chief Joseph’s medicine bag.


In this photo of an ancient relief sculpture we can see the Assyrian god Ashur upon his throne. In front of him is a disc with the symbol known as the Assyrian Star or the Ashur Star. It is a four-pointed star with a circle in the center. Radiating out from between the four points of the star are rays of light.





In 1971 Assyria adopted a new flag depicting the Assyrian Star.



In photos of Chief Joseph we can see this same design on his medicine bag.


How could the Nez Perce and other tribes in North America have 4,000-year-old Assyrian artifacts handed down for generations? Why would Chief Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain have a Star of Ashur beaded on his medicine bag?

Sometime near the beginning of the Assyrian Empire — which ran from 2,500 B.C. to 605 B.C. — a tower was built in Assyria (modern day Iraq) to reach heaven. As a result, languages were confounded and families were scattered.

Mahonri Moriancumer, the brother of Jared, pleaded with the Lord to not confound his language and that of his closest friends. They left Assyria and traveled “across many waters” to a promised land. They became a mighty nation in the place they called Moriancumer. Could the Chief Joseph tablet have come with them across the waters? Could the Jaredites have preserved their language and Assyrian culture in North America?

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Assyrian flag image by: Assyrian612, wikimedia

15 thoughts on “The Chief Joseph Tablet

  1. For the Lord to not confound Jered’s language , he would fall under the Genesis 11:6 blessing from God of anything he imagined to do, not being restricted from him. God will giveThe blessing to his faithful followers in Zephaniah 3:9 . Yes I believe Assyria is where this God’s language is to be found, because Deuteronomy 26:5 says we are to claim in prayer that our earthly father was Assyrian .

  2. This is a fascinating story and part of one I have been researching, it goes back to ancient Sumeria and the Egyptian Pharaoh called Thoth, who was the son of Enki one of the Anunnaki.

    Thoth travelled to South America where he was known as Quetzlcoatl. The Hopi and Cherokee were given information on Clay tablets too.

    There is much linked to the early societies of Sumeria and the suggestion that the Indian peoples originated from Atlantean and Lemurian island cultures, they knew all about the great flood despite not being in lands where that occurred.

    The relationship of the Indian people to ‘star visitors’ as in Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s book is fascinating. The spiritual abilities is the link to this contact I believe.

    We are starting to get a clear picture of humanity’s origins, different from the confused and inaccurate story we have been largely fed by mass information.

    I have come to believe through my interest in the Indian peoples that we can see a verifiable path in history that tells us the real story. It might not be what some belief systems want to hear but then the truth is rarely what people want to hear, if it washes away their idea of it!

    1. I’m an Assyrian and I think we somehow all connected to Assyria but certainly the history was corrupted because of the religion

  3. It is apparent there was knowledge of the laws of the universe back in those ancient days as evidenced by the book of Enoch (written 300 BC) chapter 2 verse 1 contemplate the events of the sky ….and they do not transgress their law’.
    It is apparent there was knowledge of the laws of the universe back in those ancient days as evidenced by the book of Enoch (written 300 BC) chapter 2 verse 1 contemplate the events of the sky ….and they do not transgress their law’.
    As I have explained before Chief Joseph’s tablet shows that we were in contact with the Middle Eastern people from before their knowledge and the time of Abraham and the oral history given by Chief Joseph confirms that as well as our CANADIAN STONEHENGE which is a sun & moon calendar and shows these celestial bodies to be fixed in their courses and thus creations not creators and which knowledge was supposed to have been discovered by Moses in a cave-
    According to tradition, Abraham was born in 1813 BCE in the ancient Iraqi town of Ur Kasdim. As a young child in a pagan culture, he practiced idolatry and prayed to the sun, believing it to have created the heavens and the earth. But something didn’t quite click. With nothing more than the world itself to go by, he had to work by inference. Knowing that everything that happens, happens for a reason, Abraham set out to discover that reason. Whenever the sun set, it was out of the picture and the moon and stars dominated the night sky. Realizing the sun’s limitations he prayed to the moon. With time he realized that neither is the ultimate answer, and so he came to the conclusion that there must be one Creator with unlimited power and knowledge. Sourced from the official Jewish history website-

    Thus we see that Abraham was a pagan and worshipped BAAL & Ashtare the Sun & Moon gods. The date of 1813 BC is very important as Chief Joseph’s tablet is dated to 2044 BC and the oral history speaks of a time before and up to that date when the Mediterranean peoples worshiped creation and demonstrates our previous knowledge of and passing of the knowledge to them of the error of worshipping the Sun & Moon as it shows them to fixed in their courses and not Gods. From the book of Enoch they acknowledge that these transits are law and proves the existence of our law written into their own writings many centuries after transmission. We possessed this knowledge here previous to their discovery of it by child Abraham. It is very possible that it took a thousand years for the old error to be discarded as it was entrenched into the whole of the middle east and Abraham created a new religion based upon an unseen God. However the God Jehovah had 200 sons (detailed in the book THE WARS OF THE LORD mentioned in the Bible but which is conveniently lost to time yet the general knowledge and legends remain) who were all trying to be top God so Jehovah had to kill them off to remain LORD of LORDS which is the origin of man’s imprint upon the Gods where man killed off all his rivals for the throne who were his own family in most cases which practice preceded this new Abrahamic belief system by many thousands of years. Abraham supposedly came by the knowledge being hidden a cave to protect his life because of this and being bored charted the courses of these celestial bodies coming to this conclusion. This does demonstrate the later acquisition of knowledge in the Middle East that was endemic on Turtle Island thousands of years previous. It also demonstrates that they accept that the knowledge of such things are regarded as law. The supposition of common law is that it derived from the LORD when it is demonstrated here that it actually devolved from our knowledge of the Creator’s law.
    The supposition of common law is that it derived from the LORD’s ten commandments when it is demonstrated here that it actually devolved from our knowledge of the Creator’s law. The DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY is used as the basis for authority and right to claim Turtle Island in the name of Christ and His kings….
    In 1608, in Calvin’s Case (1608), 77 E.R. 377, Lord Chief Justice Edward Coke ruled:
    … there is a diversity between a conquest of a kingdom of a Christian King, and the
    conquest of a kingdom of an Infidel; for if a King come to a Christian kingdom by
    conquest, … he may at his pleasure alter and change the Laws of that kingdom, but until he doth make an alteration of those Laws, the ancient Laws of that kingdom remain. But if a Christian King should conquer a kingdom of an Infidel, and bring them under his subjection, there ipso facto the Laws of the Infidel are abrogated, for that they be not only against Christianity, but against the Law of God and of Nature, contained in the Decalogue [the Ten Commandments]; and in that case, until certain Laws be established amongst them, the King by himself, and such Judges as he shall appoint, shall judge them and their causes according to natural equity, in such sort as Kings in ancient time did with their kingdoms, before any certain Municipal Laws were given as before hath been said.11

    1. You got all that from Joseph’s Tablet?
      Even Avrahams father moved with him from Ur. I’d assume to escape Chaldean culture, and Avraham’s father may have been bounced on Noah’s knee as a child—I’m not sure he was pagan!

      1. Abraham father was also pagan. It us stated in Joshua 24:2. This is why God moved him out of the of the Chaldean. These were idols worshippers including his father. This is also stated in the book of Jasher that the bible refers to.

  4. This is the tablet from the 12 Tribes of Israel; The true Israelite’s. Also this is written in Hebrew because the 12 Tribes are the true Jews. This article is full of lies and fabrication that is still being taught today. The 12 Tribes did not receive anything from the white man ever.

  5. Assyrians didnt adopt anything in 1972 because assyria stopped existing thousands of years ago. And the people in syaria now arent assyrians, they are arabs. Huge difference.

    1. The tablet was a receipt for a Lamb, it was thousands of years BC in age. How it got to the USA?

      Surely, only by Enki helping those from Atlantis and Mu who we know call the American Indians, who took things with them, otherwise how are so many Annunaki artefacts existing and being found in the USA when they shouldn’t be there?

      Also check out the temples built in South America which are the same as those built by the Annunaki in Iraq when it was known as Sumer, no coincidence – the Stellae panels depicting Enki as the bird god are the same.

  6. The Native Americans are of the Tribe of Gad of the 12 tribes of Israel , they were apart of the 10 tribes who were taken into Assyrian captivity around 720 BCE and its proof that under their captivity they picked these things up , they latter would travel to the America’s with the rest of the Tribes which inhabit the Central and south americas and later the rest of the tribes of Israel would meet them over here from the slave trade !! Deuteronomy 28

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